Accounting Services in Stillwater, MN

Not every business owner is an accounting genius—and that’s okay! If you’re better at operations management, sales or other facets of business, leave the accounting to Fred Potthoff, CPA. We’ll let you focus on doing what you do best, while managing your books and balance sheet to ensure you’re growing safely and steadily. We promise that with our firm on your side, you’ll never need another accountant in Stillwater, MN.

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Accounting Services

We’re proud to offer tailored accounting services to meet the unique needs of your business. From mom and pop shops to local organizations and beyond, we bring the experience necessary to provide accounting at a high level of completeness. We proudly serve:

  • Businesses
  • For-profit and not-for-profit firms
  • Organizations (ex. Elks Club)

We take into account the specific needs and concerns of our various business customers to ensure we’re covering your accounting needs fully and completely. Most of all, we’re dedicated to the success of your business or organization, and strive to always help assure it.


Bookkeeping and Payroll

Two of the most integral parts of running your business include payroll and bookkeeping in Stillwater, MN. Staying up to date on these items isn’t just important to the overall health of your business—it’s crucial to your everyday operations. Leave both to Fred Potthoff, CPA and get the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Bookkeeping services:
    We oversee posting of accounting transactions weekly or monthly, with timely reporting of financial results using QuickBooks and CSA Accounting.
  • Payroll services:
    We supervise creation of payrolls for your employees within QuickBooks, make required payroll deposits and report the payroll summary information at quarterly intervals and year-end, including creating and mailing annual W-2s.

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Keeping your business on solid financial footing starts with a capable, qualified accountant at the wheel. While you’re focusing on running your business and growing it strong, Fred Potthoff, CPA will make sure the numbers add up and your balance sheet is current.

Contact us today for accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services! We can be reached at 651-439-3881.