Financial Consulting in Stillwater, MN

Do you know what the future of growth and profitability looks like for your small business? Are you thinking about expanding, but want the raw data to understand the pros and cons? A little financial oversight goes a long way. Fred Potthoff, CPA wants to provide you with the information and advice you need regarding your business’s financial picture, so you can act with confidence at all times. We aim to be your trusted financial consultant in Stillwater, MN.

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Financial Statements

The first and easiest way to get insight about your business’ financial positioning is through financial reporting. We can generate and compile a plethora of data in the form of reviews and reports, to help you get the lay of the land regarding all facets of finance. These reports satisfy the needs of the business owner and third parties like banks and bonding companies, in the event you’re applying for a loan, reevaluating your credit or are in another financial position.

financial analysis

Financial Analysis

We do periodic analysis of your financial statements and give recommendations for how your business can be changed for the better. Along with this, we provide tax planning to minimize tax liabilities now and in the future. We are available all year long to answer your questions at any time you decide to call.

Conversations where the elapsed time is less than one hour are free—either over the phone or at our office!

quickbox consulting

QuickBooks Consulting

We’ll help you set up QuickBooks Software for your accounting books and train your personnel on using QuickBooks. This software not only expedites and transforms the way your business or organization tracks its finances—it can also help you to become more profitable and responsible as you grow and evolve.

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For more information about any of the financial consulting services we offer or to inquire about how we can assist your business, please visit us today or call 651-439-3881.